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    Loeffler Randall Ladder Back Long Dress in grey

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    It’s about time for us all to go around the circle and name our favorite trends from the Fall 2010.

    I’ll go ahead and start with breasts. No, seriously. And it’s about time - they’ve been out of style for some time now, and I’m glad to see they’ve made an appearance, however scarce. Look, designers. You’ve been anti-boob for a while now and I get it, I think. The focus is the clothes. And clothes hang well on a body that’s straight up and down. Right?

    Not necessarily. As Marc and Miuccia have shown us, clothes can look really, really awesome on breasts. Because breasts are really, really awesome. Ask any guy you know.

    And it took a few Victoria’s Secret knockouts (plus a certain Stunning Ms. Stone) to show us the light. After all, clothes are made to be worn; they’re supposed to make a gal look good, not look good on their own. These clothes were highlighting the very features that make a woman womanly.

    It was only a couple designers this season - let’s hope they get the ball rolling. Because check out how great boobies can be, guys.

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